3 Ways To Afford Adoption Besides Grants

The financial burden of adoption is one of the biggest obstacles prospective adoptive parents experience today. Between hiring a lawyer, court costs, agency fees, general legal fees, and in some cases travel expenses, the cost can be absolutely daunting. However, there are resources available to help ease that financial burden. The most obvious answer to these financial troubles, come in the form of grants that enable you to help pay for your adoption without having to pay anything back, however, there are other options out there to help you afford adoption.

  1. Loans

Many people choose to take out a personal loan to help pay for adoption. These loans can be taken out just about anywhere. There are also several groups that exist and specialize in adoption loans. They are also groups that usually give out adoption grants. Due to their desire to help get as many children adopted as possible, getting a loan through one of these groups is usually your best option. Many offer low-interest and even interest-free loans to help you pay for the adoption process, and they tend to be very forgiving toward their clients. If you are able, seek out and look into getting a loan from one of these groups first.

  1. Foster To Adopt

Another option to look into is fostering a child and then adopting them through the state. This has many advantages both financially and emotionally. You are not adopting a child you’ve never met, met once or twice, or have only seen pictures of, you are adopting a child that has lived in your home for a period of time whom you know very well. Additionally, many states have great incentives encouraging their foster parents to adopt children if reunification cannot be achieved. In several states, most, if not all adoption fees are either waived or reimbursed, making this an excellent option for people who want to adopt but do not have easy access to the large sums of money often required by private adoption agencies.


  1. Fundraising

Crowdfunding, and fundraising in general, is another option prospective adoptive parents can use to fund their adoptions. Family, friends, and even total strangers are often more than willing to help out a great cause, and adoption certainly is one of them. Of course, due to the nature of crowdfunding and fundraising in general, there is no guarantee that enough money will be raised to cover all adoption costs, however in these circumstances, you have the flexibility to use the money however you see fit, including buying material things that your child might need.

Adoption is attainable for any loving individual who truly desires to bring a child into their home and love them unconditionally. Diligent searching and patience will help you find resources for you to reach your goals. Don’t let the financial burden of adoption keep you from building your dream family. Use the resources available to you so that you can to turn that dream into a reality.