5 Easy Adoption Grants Everyone Should Apply For

There is no doubt that the overall financial burden of adoption is one of the greatest hurdles facing prospective adoptive parents. The sheer cost of the process, including legal fees and travel expenses, can be daunting. However, there are organizations out there that are ready and willing to help you out on your adoption journey, awarding grants to prospective adoptive parents. Here are five easy adoption grants that are easy to apply for. All of the organizations listed have made commitments not to discriminate against prospective adoptive parents based on gender, age, sexuality, religion, or race.

1)  National Adoption Foundation

They award grants quarterly, and the money can be used towards any kind of adoption including domestic, special needs, and international adoptions. There are no income or marriage requirements and they have an easy to fill out, one-page application. A home study must be completed or in the process to qualify.

Grants awarded range from $500 to $2,000

2)  A Child Waits

This organization provides grants to qualified U.S. citizens who are in the process of adopting internationally. Applicants must already be working through the adoption process and working with an approved international adoption agency. Grants will go toward qualified adoption expenses and will be paid directly to the service providers just prior to travel. There is a $20 application fee.

Grants awarded in varying amounts up to $5,000

3)  Gift of Adoption Fund

Any United States citizen who is in the middle of or has completed a home study from a licensed and accredited adoption agency is eligible to apply for this grant. Grant funds can be used toward both domestic and international adoptions. Applicants should be aware that this organization prioritizes adoptions that unite or prevent siblings from being separated, adoptions that keep special needs children from becoming institutionalized, children who are in dire need of medical care that they cannot get in their current situation, children who are about to be ‘aged out’ of the adoption system, and domestic adoptions to keep children out of the government social service system. There is a $50 application fee, and prospective adoptive parents can apply three times.

Grants awarded in varying amounts from $1,000 to $7,500

4)  Helpusadopt.org

Applications for this program can be submitted any time after your home study has been approved. Grants are awarded three times per year and are paid directly to the adoption agency when invoices become due. Funds can be used toward international, domestic, foster, and special needs adoptions.

Grants awarded in varying amounts up to $15,000

5)  The Buescher Foundation

This foundation specializes in helping those in the process of adopting domestically. Prospective adoptive parents must be working with an approved adoption agency or facilitator. In order to apply for this grant, you must submit your completed home study as well as a ‘Look Book.’ The ‘Look Book’ tells the story of your family and proof that you are working with an approved facilitator or adoption agency. Grants are awarded quarterly. Funds can be used for any adoption expense and are sent directly to the service providers.

Grants are awarded in varying amounts

There are many more grants out there as well as low-interest adoption loans that can ease the financial burden that the adoption process can be. Don’t let the cost of adoption scare you away; reach out and find options to turn your dream into reality.