What is an Adoption Grant

It is a difficult truth that many people may dismiss the idea of adoption because of the cost. Adoption can be very expensive. Lawyer fees, hospital bills, agency processing fees. It adds up quickly to a number that makes most people wince and decide that adoption just cannot be an option for them.

An adoption grant is a specific grant to offset the cost and make adoption a reality for families that cannot afford it by themselves. It is money given to a chosen family to pay for the costs associated with adoption without needing to be paid back. For instance, if someone was pursuing an international adoption a grant could help cover airplane fees, visa fees, and hotel accommodations while in the country if that was a need.

They are set amounts designated by the organization granting them, typically anywhere between a couple hundred dollars to several thousand. The organizations offering the grants require some type of involved application detailing household income, family dynamics, why you might need a grant versus pay for an adoption outright, etc. I filled one out to completion for National Adoption Foundation and it took less than 20 minutes.

The grants are generally funded through fundraising by organizations. Most are 501(c )( 3 ) nonprofit organizations formed for the expressed purpose of making adoption an available way to form a family.

It is easy to perform an internet search for “adoption grants” to find hundreds of organizations that you can apply to. Some of the organizations may be faith-based and others are not. The faith-based ones may ask questions about church or religious based organization associations. Be prepared to spend some time applying for several as thousands of people apply for grants and only a few can be selected at any given time.

A few options to consider are : 







Keep in mind that applying does not guarantee that you will be selected for any given grant but many of these organizations allow you to apply several times if you have been rejected previously.